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Our efforts during the pandemica few of our many accomplishments in 2021.

Fr. Jesse Esqueda, OMI

We are blessed with your friendship! 2021 was a difficult year because of Covid; however, the fear of the pandemic did NOT stop the people of our  mission from reaching out and serving those in need. All these accomplishments were only possible because of your support and prayers. 
A few of our many accomplishments in 2021 THANKS TO YOUR HELP!

  • Over 21,000 food baskets were given


  • 27 New roofs were reconstructed 


  • 5 New houses were built


  • We had our FIRST MEDICAL DOCTOR graduate in 2021 and THREE NEW DOCTORS will graduate in 2022, from our scholarship program.


  • About 150 Scholarships were given, 17 graduated from college (engineers, psychologists, dentist, teachers, etc)


  • Our Migrant program provided services for 160 families (food baskets, medication, legal services, counseling, etc.)


  • Hundreds of patients were helped  thanks to our medical students and doctor.


  • Over 1,100 people were reached by our Mental Health program


  • A NEW COMPANY by our young engineers named TID was created. This company will provide engineering services for U.S. companies and will create prosthetics for people of our parish.  


  • Our school for children with Special Needs was reopened and now we have more services for them.


  • In person youth programs and retreats returned!!


  • Medication, wheelchairs, diapers, toys, clothes, shoes, tarps, drinking water, were also given to the poorest families in our community.

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2022 here we go with More Faith and Energy!

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